Posted on Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Or questions!

Do you come here often to the blog?
Is it your first time here? Or did you read a post in the past that you've enjoyed and decided to check this tiny corner again?

See, I don't have a computer right now. And my phone's screen is broken (still usable, but broken). I do have, usually while walking the big avenue by the sea or right before sleep, thoughts for posts "I really should interview B., her essays are amazing!" or "eggplant à la Portuguese" I should post this, or when I'm laughing at family stories or anything else, because I laugh outloud alone so many times, and I even keep a small notebook to write only silly stories that happened to anyone near me.

But usually I don't post. This blog didn't had any other intention than to be a virtual memento of my life and I don't have the ambition or expectation that thousands of readers wish eagerly that I post something. But the truth is, I decided to take a look at my stats and there are plenty of readers visiting this small blog every day! Who are you? Do I have an excuse to borrow some money and buy a computer (because my finances are very...ahh, low lately)?

The question is: does anyone beside my sister reads this :)? And where are you from? What do you like to read?

And thank you for visiting! Mi casa es su casa, or as we say in Portuguese

"Faça como estivesse em casa!"

And by the way, in case you're there too, you can find me on rare ocasions on IG by the name @rita_tocta where more than posting I peruse beautiful of users who live with goats.