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I love Frida Khalo and Theolonious Monk. I thought I was going to be President of Brazil when I was little, although I'm Portuguese and never went to Brazil. I used to talk to flowers. Still do. I believe there should be a medicine of poetry. It can heal your soul. I love to live in a house with outdoor space so I can dance in the rain. Yesterday I've made a drawing where my head was full of stars. Maybe it is.

I collect stories and unusual objects. I'm often seen coming home with something in my hand I found on the ground, a leaf, a flower, beach glass. I like homemade food or a restaurant by the sea. I love to cook for a lot of persons, to sew, paint and talk. I talk a lot but I'm a good listener. I tell myself made up stories before I go to sleep. I'm afraid of serious people. Clothes in the closet should be in cotton, linen and wool. I believe in the dolce fare niente but I'm always thinking what I will do next. I have a cat and a dog, at home, but a lot more animal friends. I believe my personal totem is a flying fox that in special  blue full of light mornings turns into an unicorn. I've seen an unicorn once. A quite polite one.

My life mantra is "The heart knows".

You can contact me at: ritatocta@ gmail dot com

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