About Time

Posted on Monday, December 29, 2014

The best movie I've ever saw about...life. If I could advice only one movie, let me say to you that if you haven't seen it see it. It's not about time. It's about what grows inside of us with time, it's about relationships, love, family. It's about what's important. About what we can change in our lifes and what we must accept. It's about discovering what's important to you. 

I don't think it's about time. But about what we do with it. 

The plot. I felt surprisinly attracted to this movie after seeing the trailer when the plot wasn't exactly my thing: time travel. Oh, my heart was right. 

A father tells his 21 years old son that is the moment for him to know one thing about the men in his family. They can travel in time. But just to things they have already lived. 

Dad: You can't kill Hitler or shag Helen of Troy!

And then boy meets girl. 

But an unfortuned time travel undones this.

Tim's Mum: And what are your faults? I mean, little weaknesses.
Mary: Well, I'm very insecure.
Tim's Mum: Sweet.

And so we go through this boy's life as it was a songIt's a sincere ode to life, the simple things in life: the people we love and the complications that come from this. 

There are other better marvelous quotes but I don't want to give away the movie. It's too good.

Tim:  There's a song by Baz Luhrmann called Sunscreen. He says worrying about the future is a as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum. The real troubles in your life will always be things that never crossed your worried mind.

The movie begins in the New Years Eve. I find it one of the best movies to watch now that a year ends and new one begins. Let's celebrate the gift of time!

WARNING: You'll not live the day as you would before watching this movie.
Second Warning: There is a slight possibility if you are a dreamer like me that you'll eventually end up in a closet, closing your eyes and fists and trying to time travel. I actually think I did.

About Time (2013)
Writer and Director: Richard Curtis
Staring: Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams, Bill Nighy

Happy New Year!

And While We Were Here

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Il futuro non e scritto. The future is not written, we can read on the wall somewhere in the movie.
I've seen this movie in the last seven days, seeing parts of it and not all together at once. I don't think I've ever watched a movie this way. Just watching a little and in a another day a little more. I liked it that way. I felt I had more attention to all the details and expressions and poetry and I could rest the movie for a while to fully understand it.

And While We Were Here

Kaleb: You make me feel nervous.
Kate: You make me feel calm.

while we were here

Some claim it's not a love story. Or a happy one. Is it a drama? Yes it is, for growing is always a challenge. For me it's the story of a love and something that could be but it's not love. It's about solitude, about finding yourself and the roles people play in your life. Although in the end we must remember we are and must the protagonists of our lifes. It's not just something that happens to us.

And While We Were Here

Kate goes to the Italian Island of Ischia with her husband Leonard, where he has a job as a viola player. Meanwhile Kate is trying to transcript conversations she recorded from her grandmother talking about life and the war. Some sentences are pure poetry and it's wonderful to hear her grandmother reflections on life. "If it wasn't war it would have been something else. There is always a strugle." 

We know they lost a child and the couple seems sad and cold. One day Kate decides to go for a walk to avoid the loneliness of the room. She mets a young man named Kaled. They talk, walk and dinner together.

Both men want Kate and to be with her.

Although you may find the general tone of the film dramatic, I believe it's an hyme to choosing happiness, whatever is the story you've already written for yourself.

Because whatever has happened:

Il futuro non e scritto.

while we were here

And While We Were Here
Directed by Kat Coiro
Starring Kate Bosworth, Jamie Blackey, Iddo Goldberg

JUSTICE XI - Tarot Card Reflection

Posted on Thursday, December 18, 2014

VIII Justice - Arcana Tarot. Notice the watchful eye on her neck, always present even when she blinks.

 This card is a Major Arcana. In Tarot Cards there are 22 Major Cards, simbolizing the Fool's sacred journey and 56 Minor Arcana simbolizing events/states of life. It's like the Major Arcanas translate in the big events and Minor Arcana and the little events in between. But it depends on the readings and the situation. The more you work with the Tarot cards the more you'll get to know what they mean to you. There are cards, that looking back to past drawings I can immediately understand what they mean in my life. 

  The Justice card as a Major Arcana it's bonded to your higher-self, your destiny, your soul. If it appears it's talking to you about something important. Something you need to give attention to. It's remembering you about one of the Soul journeys, of a life lesson.

  "Here as above", remember. You must remember to find Justice in your heart. Not the everyday Justice. The heart laws and the men laws are so different sometimes. It's about balance. The balance of your Soul.

  Forgive when your heart wants, confront when he says so.

  There is a balance, a wisdom, freedom and flow in the heart's law that is most valuable than the crime/punishment of the men's law.

  Choose what is right for you, whether it brings calm or trouble in your life, you will find peace in your decision. The heart knows. Close your eyes, the heart knows. Knows you are free, knows what you need, knows when to forgive, knows when to teach.

  The word forgive in latim is perdoare, which translates to give, tottally give, donate. In forgiveness there is a donation. If something bad happened don't let it be with you. Let it, give up, give it away. Not by doing the same, but by letting go. 

  In the end everything will be well, you have the Universal Justice protecting you and looking for you - Just be fair with your soul, just listen to your heart. 

  If you need to say "NO" say it with courage, if you need to say "YES" say it without fear.

  The Justice card is about making decisions, is about the Truth, is about being fair. Discover what this means to you. What does being fair means to you? Don't harm and don't let yourself be harmed. 

  You are responsible for your life. Blessings and let the Justice inspire you!


THE JUSTICE card found here

I also love Lisa Hunt's Fairy Tale Tarot Justice Card and the thoughts of Joanna Powel Colbert in her Gaian Tarot Justice Card

Where the heart beats

Posted on Friday, December 12, 2014

A number of splendid illustrations by Singapore-based designer and illustrator Budi Satria Kwan.

Yesterday, right before I was going to sleep, laying in my bed, darkness in the room, eyes closed and soul opened, I wanted to honor the Goddess before entering the world of dreams and a poem was born in my mind:

The deer has grown
passed from the arms of the mother
To the arms of the jungle
It is always a forest
Where the heart beats

When I woke up this morning it was clear what my hearts beats for. I had dreams of love and a city I left. The heart knows. I've also dreamt with sea crabs, they know what we hide.

Sometimes we all think it's complicated to honor our beliefs, to stay connected with our soul and the above.

Open your heart and share your words, you may not even remember them in the morning. But you were heard.


Beautiful illustration by Budi Satria Kwan
Deer photo found here