A Poem about pain

Posted on Friday, January 30, 2015

It is in our Divine Nature
to suffer with the suffering
Not because we are pain
Not because God is pain
Not because the pain is a path
But because as the black in the trunk who took
one whipping felt pain
Not because he deserved whipping
Not because there was medicine in pain
Not because God was in that gesture
But because it was not
He felt pain

It is our Divine Nature to feel pain in this world
Suffer with the suffering
And to free ourselves knowing

"This is not God"
And God is always with me
God is always in my reach
God teaches me to move beyond suffering
God guides the one who is hurt
Because pain is not a path

We feel the pain that it is to be away from the Path
And God is good, good,
Goodness without measure
Without a whip
But eternally present
Careful and as a friend.

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