Thoughts on being cohesive

Posted on Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sylvette, 1954 by Pablo Picasso
Pablo Picasso - Sylvette

Be cohesive, be a brand! Share your content in a very edited way. I hear and see it ll the time. I'm not cohesive at all. I think a lot of people just put together stuff because it goes along well. In their pinboards, in their houses, in their blogs, in their lifes. They share lists not stories. Well, I'm not sure my man and my mother are that cohesive. I open books randomly to get advices from stories. My cat and dog are not best friends. My jeans don't go along well with my shirts. Or with my butt. But, I do have a wonderful life. It's not cohesive. It's not curated, or if it is its only by my heart. What connects everything in my life including all the persons in it it's me. I'm the only person that I really need to please with my choices. 

Never leave anything on the side because it doens't seems to go along well with the rest. Probably it's a treasure. I miss seeing a random portrait by Picasso on the web, just illustrating a thought or a story. Not along with a pantone color catalogue or a list of clothes. Do I keep finding the same blog or do they all feel the same? I really need to edit my reading list...make it more cohesive...with my heart.

Woman with a Hairnet September 1956 - Pablo Picasso reproduction oil painting
Pablo Picasso - Woman with an hairnet

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