Fairy House

Posted on Friday, August 21, 2015

 I am an avid collector of everything natural. Usually things found on the ground, flowers, twigs, seashells, you name it, I'll probably brought it home. I always wanted to build a fairy house, or at least a little corner in case one of them needs gets lost and needs to spend the night at my house. We would drink tea, eat walnut biscuits and probably talk ourselves over about our romantic troubles and all kind of matters of the heart.

So two days ago when I saw this interview with the amazing fairy castle's creators Mike and Debbie Schramer and their gorgeous book that I hope to order soon, I couldn't resist and go in search of more natural treasures. Last night I started a little fairy bedroom and her tree swing and today I've finished a couple of details (her pine cone chair, among other things that are a must-have for a fairy I suppose). I've played around with the decoration so don't find it strange that the furniture is in different places!

I imagine the fairy who chooses this house to be very carefree. The small yellow pillow is pure cotton dyed with only saffron (I can make a post on that later, it's so simple) and is stuffed with fluffy moss since a fairy needs to have a good beauty sleep. She gathers a lot of thing humans forget in the woods, but only the beautiful ones (no plastic allowed!) like small pieces of lace, mother of pearl buttons. First I've made her bed just with moss and petals but then I thought any fairy would love a small wool blanket (which was small patch my mother made years ago that I've always found so sweet). There is a small hanger and a pink dress. A wood sink for water. The best seeds I've found. It was so delightful, so wonderful to make this that I can't recommend it enough. Start gathering natural treasures now, since in this time of the year there are so many things falling down from the trees. You'll be so happy for doing this and surely...the fairy who visits you will be too!

Edited: With the little help of fairies, this Fairy Abode has entered The Fairy Gardens Contest. This is exciting!

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