Summer Idea (plus...someone stole my pizza)

Posted on Friday, August 14, 2015

If you have the luck to go to a beach this Summer that is rich in algae don't forget to bring some with you. 

Here is not unsual to find a lot of algae on the sand. Just beware that the ones you find are not toxic, which I know ours aren't. Actually, the local fisherman usually sell them to the terapeutical and pharmaceutical industry.

I'm drying my own outside right now. Since they are a little smelly (mermaids suffer with their beauty routines too I suppose) I will then put them in a glass jar.

In the Winter I will surely pour some of them in a hot bath and enjoy the properties of these sea treasures!

When I went inside I heard some strange noises on the pateo. I thought sounds like someone is eating, but I'm alone! The doggie had just stolen a slice of pizza. 

I would usually take the pizza right away, but he looked so cute with that triangle of pizza that I just had to go grab my camera, but when I returned the triangle had almost disapeared. So I thought, well, at least one time a year...let him eat pizza!

Our doggie lived on the streets for many years before becoming part of our family. I suspect a slice of pizza brings him a lot of memories of his wild times!

Bye, have a nice Friday! 

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