Fall Natural Pouch Handmade DIY

Posted on Wednesday, September 16, 2015

 This is a very simple bag with zipper to store your jewelry or to carry in your bag, or anything you feel like, that you can make to start this Fall in a beautiful way. It is so simple that I don't have a tutorial, just a few lines :)

Take a piece of cotton or linen (it has to be a natural fabric because you are going to dye it naturally). In a pan put some water to boil. Roll up your piece of fabric and tie it with some string (anyway you want). Put some turmeric into the water and dive your fabric in there. Leave it there for some minutes. You can add some vinegar to the water too to prevent color fading. Take the fabric, put it under tap water and put it outside to dry.

Then, when it's dried just cut out two squares where the sides are the same length as the zipper you are using. Choose a zig zag stitch in your machine. And sew the zipper to fabric with the upper facing...upper :) The stitch will be visible from the outside but I think it gives it a natural very charming look. Is it rustic? Is it coastal? I don't know. It's just simple, lovely and perfect to store things in the fall!

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