And While We Were Here

Posted on Monday, December 29, 2014

Il futuro non e scritto. The future is not written, we can read on the wall somewhere in the movie.
I've seen this movie in the last seven days, seeing parts of it and not all together at once. I don't think I've ever watched a movie this way. Just watching a little and in a another day a little more. I liked it that way. I felt I had more attention to all the details and expressions and poetry and I could rest the movie for a while to fully understand it.

And While We Were Here

Kaleb: You make me feel nervous.
Kate: You make me feel calm.

while we were here

Some claim it's not a love story. Or a happy one. Is it a drama? Yes it is, for growing is always a challenge. For me it's the story of a love and something that could be but it's not love. It's about solitude, about finding yourself and the roles people play in your life. Although in the end we must remember we are and must the protagonists of our lifes. It's not just something that happens to us.

And While We Were Here

Kate goes to the Italian Island of Ischia with her husband Leonard, where he has a job as a viola player. Meanwhile Kate is trying to transcript conversations she recorded from her grandmother talking about life and the war. Some sentences are pure poetry and it's wonderful to hear her grandmother reflections on life. "If it wasn't war it would have been something else. There is always a strugle." 

We know they lost a child and the couple seems sad and cold. One day Kate decides to go for a walk to avoid the loneliness of the room. She mets a young man named Kaled. They talk, walk and dinner together.

Both men want Kate and to be with her.

Although you may find the general tone of the film dramatic, I believe it's an hyme to choosing happiness, whatever is the story you've already written for yourself.

Because whatever has happened:

Il futuro non e scritto.

while we were here

And While We Were Here
Directed by Kat Coiro
Starring Kate Bosworth, Jamie Blackey, Iddo Goldberg

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