JUSTICE XI - Tarot Card Reflection

Posted on Thursday, December 18, 2014

VIII Justice - Arcana Tarot. Notice the watchful eye on her neck, always present even when she blinks.

 This card is a Major Arcana. In Tarot Cards there are 22 Major Cards, simbolizing the Fool's sacred journey and 56 Minor Arcana simbolizing events/states of life. It's like the Major Arcanas translate in the big events and Minor Arcana and the little events in between. But it depends on the readings and the situation. The more you work with the Tarot cards the more you'll get to know what they mean to you. There are cards, that looking back to past drawings I can immediately understand what they mean in my life. 

  The Justice card as a Major Arcana it's bonded to your higher-self, your destiny, your soul. If it appears it's talking to you about something important. Something you need to give attention to. It's remembering you about one of the Soul journeys, of a life lesson.

  "Here as above", remember. You must remember to find Justice in your heart. Not the everyday Justice. The heart laws and the men laws are so different sometimes. It's about balance. The balance of your Soul.

  Forgive when your heart wants, confront when he says so.

  There is a balance, a wisdom, freedom and flow in the heart's law that is most valuable than the crime/punishment of the men's law.

  Choose what is right for you, whether it brings calm or trouble in your life, you will find peace in your decision. The heart knows. Close your eyes, the heart knows. Knows you are free, knows what you need, knows when to forgive, knows when to teach.

  The word forgive in latim is perdoare, which translates to give, tottally give, donate. In forgiveness there is a donation. If something bad happened don't let it be with you. Let it, give up, give it away. Not by doing the same, but by letting go. 

  In the end everything will be well, you have the Universal Justice protecting you and looking for you - Just be fair with your soul, just listen to your heart. 

  If you need to say "NO" say it with courage, if you need to say "YES" say it without fear.

  The Justice card is about making decisions, is about the Truth, is about being fair. Discover what this means to you. What does being fair means to you? Don't harm and don't let yourself be harmed. 

  You are responsible for your life. Blessings and let the Justice inspire you!


THE JUSTICE card found here

I also love Lisa Hunt's Fairy Tale Tarot Justice Card and the thoughts of Joanna Powel Colbert in her Gaian Tarot Justice Card

  1. Such an interesting blog topic. Tarot cards are so interesting & I've always loved the artistry.
    :] // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  2. Thank you Carmen! I used love tarot cards when I was a child and somehow I forgot along the way. Then I used to think tarot was just a divinatory medium, and something kind of strange and scary for me. Years ago when I reconnected with the Tarot I was so happy to discover that it is a beautiful language that help us to get to know ourselves better and reflect on life. If you ever buy a tarot deck choose the one you found the most beautiful, it's the best way to choose a tarot deck, beauty frequently speaks the heart's language :) Merry Christmas!

  3. Hi Rita, Love your site.
    Can you tell me what tarot pack this particular justice card comes from? Thanks, Simon

    1. Hi Simon! Thank you for stopping by, I believe it's The Classic Tarot, here is a link https://shop.loscarabeo.com/index.php?id_product=15&controller=product&id_lang=1 :)