Stop the noise

Posted on Thursday, October 8, 2015

Stop the noise. For a second. For a second remember how wonderful is to hold a baby in your arms. The next second remember how great it tastes a homemade meal. Remember that along our lives we come across with strangers and that so many times strangers smile at each other never meeting again. Remember that you too, have been the stranger who smiled at someone. How wonderful life is. Remember that wherever you go, your heart is there with you. 

 Last year, I was in my bed crying. Crying because my sister was no longer with us. With me. There was nothing I wanted to do, just cry. I was crying and telling my boyfriend all the things that I missed, all stories of love and things we used to do and have done. He looked me in the eyes and said: "Don't you notice that even when you're crying when you talking about your sister and telling your stories, even crying you are smiling?".

It was true. I was crying and smiling at the same time.

 I've discovered that life is not what we are doing, not what is happening, maybe not even what we are feeling. Life is what is under all the noise, under the thunder-storm. It's something we don't even have to care to take care of, is something we can't manipulate, it's a force that guides us while we are smiling and crying at the same time, or in better days when we are replying a message and checking the bank account and the meal on the stove. It's just something, so powerful that we don't have to do nothing. It's just always happening. Just live.  Be present from time to time (I don't believe we can be present all the time, we are not perfect). And just notice that sometimes we are smiling when we are crying. And under all the noise, we are living a life full of surprises. And meaning.

Be open. Trust. Share. Accept. Stopping the noise, I've discovered is to just be.

My sister Joana had this wonderful sense of irony. Sometimes  Most of the times we think of irony as something bad. But it can be a gift. There is so much irony in life, in how we always think things will be and how they turn out. So, for today, I'll stop and surrender. 

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